0 6T Oil Fired Vacuum Steam Boiler

0 6T Oil Fired Vacuum Steam Boiler

Despite the stable and safe operation of the products, the use of gas-fired 0 6t fired vacuum steam boilers should be very common. But it's not that you can manipulate it at will. This time we will introduce some excerpts that must be noted when using gas-fired steam boilers. First of all, it is very important to carefully examine the gas steam cooker before starting the boiler. The review process is very important. We must review these parts. For example, whether the gas pressure is reasonable, whether the windshield of the flue gas pipe is open, and whether the vacuum pump is pumping water. Normal. Wait. The boiler can be started only when the equipment is in good condition, and each steam can be operated safely Safety of steam boilers. Second, using shutdown during shutdown should be a very strict process. First, the fire should be turned into a small fire, then slowly extinguished and the burner closed. There should be a lot of summaries about the safe use of steam boilers. If you can pay special attention to the use of so many abstracts, I think the use of steam boilers is very safe to avoid improper use of details. When the water level is lower than the specified minimum water level, but can still be seen in the water level observation instrument, the water temperature is judged to be insufficient, and when the water level measurement item does not measure the water level height, the water level is judged to be seriously short of water. The generalizations of this phenomenon will be listed in The results are as follows: (1) the water level of the drum is less than the normal water level; (2) the warning of low water level is made automatically and the signal light is on; (3) the steam temperature of superheated steam is increased; (3) the temperature of superheated steam is increased; (4) the water supply is abnormal, which is lower than the value of steam flow; (5) the temperature of exhaust water vapor is increased.

Select vacuum boiler three major reasons vacuum boiler is a hot water boiler, which is mainly used to provide heat for the masses. Like hotels, living cell, and so in some places, need to use a vacuum boiler, vacuum boilers indeed be said to be an expert in people's lives. However, although many people buy a variety of vacuum boiler, but there are a few friends do not know why the use of a wide range of vacuum boilers, now Xiaobian bring everyone to look at the reasons for choosing the vacuum boiler. One. Runtime secure good quality of the vacuum boiler during operation, the pressure within it is artificially set within a range, so that the gas in the interior of a vacuum state, even if the internal pressure is due to a fault cause is not greater than the external pressure , the vacuum boiler can be automatically cut power, to prevent water overflow. This design not only ensures the safety of electrical appliances, but also so as to avoid unnecessary losses and a series of troubles caused by lack of water. two. Energy efficient operation of the boiler performance and stable vacuum in the vacuum state, effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the conversion. Application of vacuum boiler body is wet back three-pass design, a large amount of area to improve the radiation and convection heat transfer area, such that the energy intensity of the vacuum boiler once again increased. Vacuum boilers not only to reduce the pressure on his own life, but also to achieve the environmental protection concept proposed by the national government, it would be to make a contribution to environmental protection. three. Easy to transport vacuum boiler modular design, not only high-performance heat exchanger, and a small volume units, more easily during transportation, and because of its small size, even in a small area of ​​the space where it is possible to multiple units connected in parallel use. When long-distance transport needs, vacuum boilers occupy a lot of advantages. Good quality vacuum in the boiler during operation than traditional boiler more safe and reliable, and it is built of stainless steel heat exchanger, without any pollution on the water quality, but also a longer life than conventional boilers and enables efficient energy saving, due to the use easier when modular design makes transport. These are the three major reasons for selecting vacuum boiler, vacuum boilers popularity and good reputation in the market are generally higher, the reason why it is loved by consumers because it sells these vacuum boiler can have more than these advantages, these advantages have vacuum boiler is really reassuring products.

Vacuum hot water boiler internal body structure in a vacuum state of the vacuum hot water boiler, by the combustion chamber (furnace), water, vacuum vapor chamber, heat exchanger, heat medium consisting of water or the like. Vacuum state within the body, from the outside air, a sealed state is formed. HTM furnace and covered with water in a sealed tube and within the body, by the pressure of the negative pressure in the steam chamber is maintained below atmospheric pressure, when the heat medium water confined in the inner combustion heating, boiling up immediately, generating heat medium water steam of the same temperature. Steam generated in the machine during the ascent, the contact surface of the heat exchanger is disposed in the negative pressure of the steam chamber, since the water temperature in the heat exchanger is lower than the steam temperature, steam condenses on the heat exchanger surface and release a large heat of vaporization , the water heating heat exchanger, the condensed water under the action of the policy back to the heat medium water again. Accordingly, the heat medium water in a closed continuous body with boiling evaporated = = = heat medium condensed water circulation. No need to supplement the condensed water, no air burning danger. Water heat exchanger is supplied to the user for heated sanitary hot water and air conditioning.

Autumn occasion fruits. September 2 this year, China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit smooth opening of the meeting, determine Dongfang Electric Power signed with Egypt Egypt Hanna Wei six 1100MW of clean coal combustion and coal pier supporting the EPC project general contract. The project is currently the world's largest clean coal projects, but also Chinese enterprises for the first time will have ultra-supercritical clean coal technologies with independent intellectual property rights to the world.

1100MW, is the world's largest single coal units capacity. Egypt Hanna Wei 6 × 1100MW coal-fired power plant will clean 6 stand-alone capacity of 1100MW coal machine components, which will become the world's largest clean coal power plant. The total size of the project is about $ 4.4 billion. Joint venture will work final contract negotiations and other business and financing as soon as possible with the Egyptian company.

The project won the bid total amount (by share of joint venture company 50% equity share calculation) accounted for about 18% of the company's 2017 annual revenue, the company will confirm the actual sales income in accordance with the implementation of the project.

The project will be built in the Red Sea tourist area, demanding for clean and green. The power plant project hosts supplier Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric said its independent research and hosts will use the world's most advanced high-performance ultra-supercritical power generation technology and near-zero emissions of environmental technology. Advanced technology is mainly reflected in the high-efficiency coal-fired power generation. From the current standards, the national coal requirements will kilowatt needed to control the 300 g or less, and this project per kilowatt coal consumption less than 280 grams, the thermoelectric efficiency of up to 45%.

Egypt was among the first to support one of the countries "along the way" initiative in China. The project will also "along the way" along the clean coal-fired power station construction played a good role model, and further promote the high-end manufacturing to promote the development of China's power sector outwards.

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